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The Tourism

   With the fall of the prison in 1994, the tourism sector gained a lot of strength as the new sector of the economy of Ilha Grande, bringing mainly to Abraão, a large amount of investors and new residents.

   Despite bringing many socioeconomic benefits to the population, the concern with preserving the environment cannot be ruled out, with the large number of new constructions of inns, houses, restaurants, the de-characterization of old buildings, especially those on the edge of the village, and the water treatment capacity that businesses pour daily into the treatment system.

   With the arrival of cruise ships, the volume of vessels to meet the new demand has also become another concern of environmentalists.

   The infrastructure of the place has been serving tourists with a wide variety of services in all market niches and the most varied types of tours and restaurants, making their stay much easier of tourists who decide to visit Ilha Grande.

   Another facility that tourists have had in recent years is the crossing that, a short time ago, had only the official crossing only once a day from Mangaratiba and once a day through Angra dos Reis, and with tourism on the rise, Conceição de Jacareí became the fastest crossing option, and with several vessels during the day taking only 15 minutes the route. Angra dos Reis also started to have several crossing schedules, which greatly facilitated the resident's daily life, and the availability of schedules for tourism.

    In recent years Tourism has been the main economic activity of Ilha Grande, even for those who do not work directly with tourism.

Another very interesting option for those who want to visit Ilha Grande and are coming from Rio de Janeiro is the transfer that makes the transport 3 times a day that includes the car and boat, making it very easy for visitors.

   See ourtours pageand learn about the options, and you can also make your reservation directly on our website.

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