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two rivers

    Paia de Dois Rios is another wonderful beach on the island, where the famous Candido Mendes penal colony was installed for several years, where the Red Command, which emerged with the intelligence of political prisoners and the willingness of dangerous criminals, where it can be seen today inmovie 400 against one (check out the movie). Many other escapes were made there, where the most famousdrug dealer escape, were also theremadam satan, who is buried in Abraão Cemetery, Garciel Ramos, who recounts in some passages of his book the time he was imprisoned there, among other political prisoners and dangerous criminals.

       Hoje na praia de Dois Rios, é possível visitar as ruinas do local, where there is a small museum on the premises that are still standing. Other parts of the site are under the responsibility of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) where they are used to carry out field studies in oceanography, biology, among other activities.

       Como sugere o nome a vila tem dois rios que desaguam um em cada lado from the beach, and both have their particularities and beauty.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbbad5cf-13d 5 hours (two and a half hours) where there are two shortcuts, the first one starts at Rua das Flores with a steep climb that in 15 minutes is on the curve of death, (place close to Abraão that had that name for having fallen more than once bus that transported detainees), following the road after passing 5 minutes from the top of the hill, on your right side (for those who are going)  there is a trail between a bamboo grove, which cuts a good path also, but it is worth doing this part without cutting the path, because the view of the mountains is amazing.

     Depending on the season, it is possible to return from Taxi Boat, but they only return to Mendes beach, where you can to walk to Pouso beach To take a boat to return to Abraão.

     During the trail there are some water points, but it is important to take at least a 1 liter bottle with you.

      If you want to know more about Dois Rios, visit our history page on the island at the link of the prison and learn more about the history of the prison .


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