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Saint Anthony

    Santo Antônio is a small and very heavenly beach, with a small strip of sand, but great place for some photos on your social networks. The beach is in the open sea but usually doesn't have good waves for surfing, however it is a good place for diving as long as the diver already has a good level of diving experience, since the ideal place for diving is on an islet of stone that faces the beach and has an average depth of 8 meters, with large burrows. However, for beginner divers, the best diving option in the surroundings is on the left side of Lopes Mendes beach.

     To have access to Santo Antônio beach, you must take the landing trail to Lopes Mendes by the traditional way, to reach the top of the hill, pay attention to the right side of the trail that you can find the trail that gives access to Santo Antônio, from this point  with another 15 minutes of walking you arrive at the beach.

      The beach is very little visited by tourists, so it will be very common to have few people or no one, so take advantage of the tip and go discover this little piece of paradise.


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