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More important than taking a trip, is having a successful and well-used trip.

That's why we make a point of indicating the best tours and the best tips to make the most of your trip.

    Greater convenience for you who are in Rio de Janeiro and want to come to Ilha Grande. 

    The Transfer Ilha Grande has regular schedules from Rio de Janeiro from various points of the city, direct to Ilha Grande, picking you up at the agreed point leading to Conceição de Jacarei and with a fast boat to the village of Abraão.

    Have more comfort and convenience without worrying about traffic or parking.

BRL 140 p.p

  For those of you who like to walk, Ilha Grande Hiking has several sensational itineraries, from day hikes to Pico do Papagaio to 7-day hikes around the island, passing by the main beaches. programmed.

    Live the experience of discovering paradisiacal beaches with those who know and know where to take you.

   Don't miss this opportunity.

  R$ 120p.p


    Lopes Mendes, a must-see for anyone visiting Ilha Grande.

    The trip to Lopes Mendes can be by Schooner, which takes around 40 minutes by boat, or by Taxi Boat, which takes around 25 minutes.

    The crossing takes you to Lopes Mendes beach and from there a 20-minute walk to this magnificent beach.

    Those who like to walk can take the walk from Abraão, which takes around two hours, passing through the palm beach.


  R$ 30p.p


    Here you will discover Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde, Maguariquessaba, Saco do Céu, and Praia da Feicera.

    The tour leaves at 10:00 AM and returns at 17:00 PM, spending the entire day discovering wonderful beaches and diving in crystal clear waters.

    Secure your spot.

  R$ 110 pp

    Ilha Paradisíacos, is a sensational   tour, passing through several islands of Angra dos Reis, such as Ilha das Reis Botinas, Piedade Island, Dentista Beach.

    The tour leaves at 10:00 AM and returns at 17:00 PM, perfect for those who want to spend the day diving and enjoying the beauties of Angra dos Reis .

    For those who like to see the famous. at the dentist's beach in season, it's the place where you will find your Idol.

  R$ 150 pp

    Ilha Paradisíacos, is the most complete tour , passing through several of the most beautiful beaches of Ilha Grande, starting with Caxadaço Parnaioca, Aventureiro, Praia dos Meros, Maguariquessaba (for lunch) and finally Feiticeira.

    The tour leaves at 9:30 AM and returns at 17:00 PM, ideal for those who want to see the whole island in one day.

    However, Volta a Ilha depends on weather conditions and does not take place on rough or windy days. 

  R$ 180 pp

Meia Volta
Ilha Grande hike
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