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    Particularly Parnaioca beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches on Ilha Grande, there was the largest community on the island until the arrival of the prison in the village of Dois Rivers, where when the detainees fled, was the first place they went, taking the residents hostage and scaring the community, which gradually moved until it became a deserted beach and now has just over 10 residents, who work with camping. in the locality.

     Access to the beach can be made from Abraão by trail around 6 to 8 hours of walking, and from the beach do Aventureiro around 2 to 3 hours of walking, attention that as it passes inside a biological reserve, advance authorization is required. By boat from Abraão, the tourback to the islandincludes this wonderful beach spending 40 minutes there,Taxi Boats  can take you and drop you there, but the price is a little higher. Whoever is an Adventurer, can also hire aTaxi Boat both to make the crossing and to make a round trip, as well as to stay there and call him back to fetch him. From Angra, on the other hand, it is a little more difficult to make this crossing, since there is noTaxi Boattaking this route regularly.

       A Praia da Parnaioca é um ótimo lugar pra quem quer relaxar e fugir do world for a while.  The beach is around 1 km long, and in the corner of the beach flows a stream, great for taking that fresh water bath after a swim in the sea, and following the waterfall, there are several great wells to invigorate and recharge your energies. Do not leave the Island without knowing this paradise.

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