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Praia de Baixo

    Praia de Baixo also known as Freguesia de Sul, the beach that faces the Blue Lagoon, however it has a connection with the parish of Santana that with a trail It takes only 5 minutes to cross from one beach to the other.  Baixo beach has an old  pirates cemetery, which is closed and abandoned, however it is possible to see the tombs from the gate. The beach is very popular, especially during the holiday season, where schooners and taxi boats stop, many of which leave tourists there after passing through Lagoa Azul and find tourists on the beach of Freguesia de Santana.

       Antes o local tinha um vilarejo onde foi comprada por uma propriedade privada e agora it is not possible to go inside between the two beaches, and the trail is being followed by a detour that also takes very little time from one to the other.

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