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Cove of Sitio Fote

    The cove of Sitio Forte is much sought after by sailors, for its calm water and tranquility of the place. There it is also well used by divers, as there is a shipwreck 13 meters deep.

    The cove has 3 beaches and all of them are very popular with sailors. sardine factory, now has only a few private properties, and a few inns on the coast. The place is very quiet and is also off the beaten path of conventional tours.

    Tapera beach, is the second beach of the cove, from those who come from the long one, the beach has some houses of residents, and is outside the routes of boat ride, the beach has very few residents, and has a restaurant and an inn.

    The third beach coming from Longa is Sitio Forte beach, a small beach  that was famous for a long time  e that came to eat food when the boats arrived, the place was sure to see the turtles when visiting the place. A few years ago the turtles died and no one knows the reason for their death until today.

     After Sitio Forte beach, comes to Maguariquessaba beach, the beach that normally walks Half Round and Round the Islandusually stop for lunch, on the beach it is also common to see the presence of a turtle that has lived there for a long time and with an unusual size because the restaurants always give out food left over from the restaurant at the end of the day.

     The fifth beach of those who come from the long, is Passaterra beach, a very quiet place with a lot of inns, the inns there usually have a boat crossing that takes tourists to the beach. The place is ideal for relaxing, as there aren't many things to do around it if you don't take a boat ride. Nearby there are some marine farms where shellfish and mussels are raised and can also be visited by tourists.

    After Passaterra beach, there is the Aripeba parcel, which has a little beach that is quite hidden, some taxi boats usually stop there for diving, since the water is always very clear.

      On the other side of the Aripeba parcel, there is Aripeba beach, which is a stop on the half-way tour this beach is already inside the Bananal cove, but it is connected to the beach of the parcel of Aripeba. The place also has calm and cool waters for swimming, but it is not always so clear for diving.

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