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   Proveta Beach is the second largest village on Ilha Grande with its majority of evangelical residents, despite having one of the largest populations on the island, you can see the tranquility of the place, with the silent streets and the very hospitable people. The predominant local activity in the place is fishing, with several large fishing boats, but tourism also has a good share of the local activity.

    To get to the test tube beach walking, you can come by Araçatiba beach, which is a 2-hour trail with a medium difficulty level, or by Aventureiro beach which is considered the most difficult trail on the island, with a very steep climb  considered the steepest climb of the trails on the island. The view of the arrival of the trail from Aventureiro to Proveta is sensational, for those who want to take a walk around Ilha Grande, you have to go through this wonderful beach and this challenging trail.

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