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I'm Angela, owner of Casas Belas Hospedagem, Your house in Ilha Grande, I have 3 children, and in 1994 I decided to face the mission of raising my children in a quieter place than the madness of the big city, which is São Paulo. . As in any new life, the uncertainty and doubt of what to do was big, but one thing I was sure of, I wanted to get out of the big city and bring a lot of joy to people who go there for moments of rest and relaxation and I know how much that is important for the fighters of these places.

With that in mind, I faced many difficulties and with great determination I built the heritage that we can share with you.


We arrived in Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis, in a historic moment, the end of the Candido Mendes prison, tourism was a promising port, and with the savings made in São Paulo and the sale of my business (school transport) I managed to buy one land in this paradise, which was not super billed as it is today.

But with all the savings spent on this bet, which could be done on a terrain full of unevenness, rocks and weeds, since it does not have machines, nor any type of earthworks. The solution then was to get our hands dirty, and with a lot of struggle and determination we built some restrooms, and we were gliding some parts of the land to put up tents in the so-called Camping da Angela, and we worked there for 8 years and so knew the pleasure of serving people in their moments of rest and pleasure.

After that time, it was time to build something, and so we built 3 houses that for another 6 years people lived on fixed monthly rents. Despite the taste and desire to serve tourists, we decided to set up a hostel, called Welcome Surf Hostel, which was visited by countless people for another 5 years.

With the pandemic, we had to make a quick decision about the Hostel's future, and so we set up these 3 houses, 3 bedrooms and a super equipped suite and started to serve a public closer to us and so we continue to provide joy and rest to people who need it. of rest.


Our mission (if it can be called a mission), is to help our customers from the first contact, facilitating their entire trip, from the best way to get there or the best transport to pick up or intermediating transfers, facilitating their visit to paradise.

We give you the best tips for tours, hikes and the best things to do on the island. But above all we will give you all the support during your stay, and we prepare everything in perfect condition so that you have a stay with all the comfort and safety, with the houses fully furnished, planned with all the utensils.

Finally, our mission is to have an unforgettable experience and moments that will be brought to life.

Feel free to ask any questions about Ilha Grande. We will always be willing and available to assist you in the best way possible.

Be welcome.

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