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Palmas Cove

    Palmas Cove It has several beaches, some of which are restricted or difficult to reach. The biggest beach is Praia Grande de Palmas, where it has a village with just over 300 inhabitants. The place has only energy by generator, and more common is the practice of camping, there are some rental houses and inn, but few.

     When you go to Lopes Mendes walking, you must go through 3 beaches in the cove, Praia Grande de Palmas Praia dos Mangues and Praia do Pouso where there is the trail to Lopes, with another 20 minutes of walking.

     Who goes by boat to Lopes Mendes, disembarks at Praia dos Mangues, and has to go acc. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ passing through Pouso, and from there you have the option of taking this 15-minute walk that goes to the right side of the beach, or going along the Aroeira path, which takes around 45 minutes and goes straight to the left side of the beach. The Aroeira path is a very pleasant walk, there is no ascent or descent, and it has a beautiful view of nature, I always advise people to do this path.

Praia Grande de Palmas

    Praia Grande de Palmas has in  a little more than 300 inhabitants, and is a little more than 5555cf. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

     The place is very quiet and has a beautiful view of the cove, with few bars and restaurants on the beach, the best known is the Morango das Palmas, which is right in the middle of the beach with some lounge chairs to eat on site. The place serves meals, snacks and drinks.  On the left side of the beach, it has a privileged view of the sunrise, for those who are willing to walk very early with an hour's walk you can reach beach and watch the sunrise.

      An important tip, it happens very well at the end of the trail to have people selling Taxi Boat ticket to return to Lopes Mendes and saying that this is the last place you can buy the ticket, but don't fall under the pressure of these sellers, as it is possible to compare the ticket on Pouso beach when you are returning from the beach.

Praia Brava de Palmas

    Praia Brava de Palmas, is practically a private beach, has a property called Cabana de Palmas, a very pleasant place open to the public and with a unique look , it has a view of the sunrise.  The beach is a tumble beach, and it gets deep fast, to access the beach walking you have to take the same trail that goes to Palmas and instead to go down to the beach, take the trail on the left, and whoever is going by boat should walk to the trail that goes to Abraão and right at the beginning of the trail, take the trail to the right.

Praia dos Mangues

  Praia is the beach where the boats that travel to Lopes Mendes stop, the beach is around 500m long and has calm waters, there used to be a hotel that was closed a few years ago, and now has only one small restaurant,

    Even those who go on foot to Lopes Mendes, have to return there to take the boat back to Abraão. It is worth returning some time before to enjoy the beach a little before taking the return boat.

Praia do Pouso

    Praia do Pouso is the beach that gives access to Lopes Mendes, in the middle of the beach you take a 20-minute trail to Lopes Mendes. If you go straight to the right corner of the beach, you can take another trail to Lopes Mendes, which takes around 40 minutes, without much ascent or descent, the trail has a very pleasant view and goes straight to the left side of Praia de Lopes. Those who already know the traditional trail of Lopes Mendes, it is very worthwhile to know this other trail.

     Em Pouso  tem bastante Taxi Boat e quem foi a pé e pretende voltar de barco , you can buy the ticket only on the way back from the beach, even though the vendors say that it would be good to buy it on the way.

      In Praia do Pouso there is a floating restaurant that serves various types of meals, both seafood and various types of meat and vegetarian meals.

Itaoca beach

  Praia da Itaoca, is the beach that is next to Pouso, a small and nice beach to stay to wait for the departure of the boat that returns to Abraão, in the place there is only one house. The beach is very photogenic and peaceful.

    To go to the right corner of Lopes Mendes along the Aroeira trail, you have to go through this wonderful beach.  

Aroeira beach

  Praia da Aroeira is located after Praia Itaoca, and has restricted access. A "private" beach closed to the public by trail, but renting a SUP in Pouso is possible to go paddling to this beach.

      Very beautiful beach like all the others on the island, and it has only one house. Possible to see her from the boat when going to Lopes Mendes on the tour.

Arrecife Beach

  Praia do Arrecife is a beach little visited by tourists, and also very beautiful.

    It has a private house, but access to the beach is free and very easy to spend the day there.

Casteliano Beach

  Praia do Casteliano is a beach that is very far from the others in the cove of palmas, from the beach of the landing it takes around an hour and a half of trail, quite closed because there are few people who frequent the place.

    With very few residents, but an amazing beach, usually the water is very clear, but when the east or northeast wind falls, which are very common in the region , the place gets quite busy. 

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