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Sensational Trails


Abraham's Cove-  A Abraão village is the gateway to Ilha Grande from the village you can go to all beaches either by trail or by boat.

Palmas Cove- Place with beautiful beaches, and mandatory passage for those who go to Lopes Mendes by walk, or by boat.

It's always worth going back to the place.

Lopes Mendes Beach  A must-see beach on your trip, Considered among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, with clear waters and paradisiacal scenery.

Santo Antonio beach - The beach of Santo Antônio is located right next to Lopes Mendes,  another paradise beach with few visitors, it is worth a visit.

Caxadaço beach- Considered as a hiding place for pirates because it is sheltered by rocks and difficult to identify by navigators. Caxadaço is one of the beautiful beaches on the island.

Dois Rios Beach-   Famous for having housed one of the maximum security prisons there, which was demolished in 1994, Dois Rios is a great option for hiking on Ilha Grande.

parnaioca -  It is currently the smallest village on Ilha Grande, but it was not always like that, Parnaioca was once the largest village on Ilha Grande, until the arrival of the Presidio, when everyone moved from there.

Praia doa Meros - One of the few beaches impossible to reach by trail, the grouper beach got its name due to the high concentration of this type of fish in the place.

Adventurer's Cove -  O aventureiro is currently the largest caiçara village, difficult to access, only native people are allowed to have a little piece of this paradise.

Beaker-  The second largest village in Ilha Grande in terms of population, and the largest fishing village, also known as the village of evangelicals. Peace is felt in the place.

Acaia Cave- Despite not being a beach, it is worth putting this place on our page, as the cave is one of the attractions that Ilha Grande has to offer to tourists.

Red Beach -  A small village that housed one of the largest sardine factories, which currently houses only a few residents.

Itaguaçu-  Itaguaçu beach is a lost treasure little visited by tourists, it is located between Araçatiba beach and Praia Vermelha.

Lagoa Verde -  Lagoa Verde is very popular with tourists because it is a sensational place for diving, as its waters allow visibility from afar.

Enseada do Sitio Forte-  The Enseada is very popular with sailors because of its calm waters and ideal for overnight stays. In low light, it's a super starry sky.

Praia de Baixo-  Praia de Baixo also known as Freguesia do Sul, the beach is very visited mainly on holidays due to the proximity of Lagoa Azul.

Blue Lagoon- The Blue Lagoon is sought after by tourists because it is an easy place to dive, and with fish to see, with just a little food you are surrounded by fish 

Parish of Santana-  A historic site, and with a church still well preserved, the parish of Santana became a private beach a few years ago.

Fisherman's Beach -  A beach very little visited on boat trips and can only be reached by taxi boat, ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle when the island is crowded.

Araçatiba beach- The village of Araçatiba is the third most inhabited village on Ilha Grande, and the closest place to Lagoa Verde, clear waters and great for snokel.

Praia da Longa Small village where it is outside the conventional itineraries of boat trips, but its waters are an excellent option for diving.

Bananal Cove- Small village where it is outside the conventional itineraries of boat trips, but its waters are an excellent option for diving.

Praia da Grumixama- Beach with clear waters, perfect for snorkeling and taking pictures, without ever needing filters or Photoshop corrections. It is very worth knowing.

Praia da Baleia-  Deserted beach, with access from Freguesia de Santana, and by boat, people who come to Lagoa Azul, by Taxi Boat is worth a visit to this beach.

Japariz Beach- The beach is very popular for a stop for lunch on boat trips, although the restaurants are very crowded, the order comes out quickly.

Barreto Beach - Small and quiet beach, some taxi boats usually stop there after the lunch stop in Japariz, ideal place for a ride to the next beach.

Star Cove -  Very sheltered place that at dusk the stars usually reflect on the pair and that's why it got its name. There is located Saco do Céu and several beaches.

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