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green lagoon

  Lagoa Verde is the ideal place to take a dip in calm, crystalline waters with a large number of fish, and it is common to see turtles at the far end of the boats. The place is very popular with tourists and is at a point where you can easily pass from the side facing the long side and the side facing Araçatiba. With a small strip of sand, where at high tide it is completely covered, but the most common thing is to be on a boat and the tourist is either on the boat or on the speedboat. The place got its name because it has green corals, and the water is normally green in color, and with a great depth in visibility.

     In the village of Abraão it is very common to find tours that follow this route, which can be done by speedboat or Taxi Boat the name of the pass that makes this script is theU turnbecause on the tour the tourist can get to know almost the entire north side of the island.

      This is a tour that everyone visiting Ilha Grande should do, however if you have a fur group least 6 people, the advice is to take the Taxi Boat tour, so they can determine how long they stay in each place, and the places they prefer to stop.

      Our advice is, if you go to that place, dive to the side facing araçatiba, or point that goes to Praia da longa, in these places it is possible to do a deeper dive, see different types of marine life, such as turtles, seahorses, and other types of fish other than sergeant, which is the fish that has the most quantity in these places facing the north of the Island.

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