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Discovery of Ilha Grande

    The region of Angra dos Reis was discovered 5 days after Rio de Janeiro, by the same navigators, by an expedition commanded by Gonçalo Coelho. When they saw from afar the tip of the bell in Marambaia and the tip of Castelhano on the island, they had the same impression as when they arrived in Rio de Janeiro, thinking it was a river mouth, however they realized that it was an island , as soon as they arrived at what is now the center of Angra dos Reis, where you can see the other side of the ocean.  Gonçalo arrived in the region on January 6, 1502, the day the Catholic church commemorates the day of Santo Reis Mago,  because of the date, they named the place Angra dos Reis. 

   The Big Island got its name because of its size, and the Indians who already lived there also called it that, but in Tupi it was called Ipaum Guaçu . 

    The place was the scene of great battles between the Portuguese and the Tamoios Indians, for resisting the commands of the Portuguese who wanted to enslave them. The Tamoios were great warriors but they were not successful in battles and were exterminated by the Portuguese. These battles lasted from 1554 to 1567.

  The place was ideal for Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Dutch navigators, due to its calm waters, being able to dock their boats with tranquility.

  In 1559, Dom Vicente da Fonseca was sent by the King of Portugal to take possession and administer the site.

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