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Praia da Longa

    Praia da Longa is a beach little visited by tourists on boat trips. and have the possibility to choose where to stop, it is worth asking the sailor to stop here. The beach is a very quiet place, perfect place to take another dip after passing through Lagoa Verde, and before going to the beach for lunch, at Praia da Longa, there is a waterfall, ideal for taking that freshwater bath to take salt before going to the beach for lunch, as these tours usually stop at Maguariqueçaba beach for lunch.

     The Longa beach is very used by the residents of Aventureiro for when the sea is going to be very angry, the residents take their anger boats go there and make a trail that is little known, which takes around 1.5 hours (One and a half hours) of walk, which goes straight to Praia do Sul, leaving the side of the demo coast.

     Ali is also famous for being a place where boats are built, making it practically the main activity of the locals.

    If your tour is by Taxi Boat, don't miss this wonderful place.


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