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Grumixama beach

    Praia de Grumixama is a beach with very clear waters similar to the visibility of Lagoa Azul and the coastline on both sides of the beach is perfect for snorkeling , it is almost always possible to see a sea turtle, despite the constant traffic of boats, the turtles still live peacefully in the locality, the beach itself has very white and soft sand, the place has a magnificent sunset, even because At this time of sunset, the beach is almost always empty, and while many other beaches are shady and without sun, there the sun is burning the view that it is almost impossible to look at the horizon.

    People who visit the beach should always take a walk along the rocks, because there are always spectacular photos, both for the beach side and for the beach side. sea. Although the beach is small and gets quite crowded during holidays, it is possible to enjoy the beach and you have the right (who looks at the sea) there is a little beach that almost never has anyone on the beach. The beach doesn't have a name on maps, but I usually say it's called Bonzai beach, because on top of a rock grew a tree that looks big, but has a very small size. At high tide the beach is almost without sand, and at low tide a good strip of sand appears. On very hot summer days, it is ideal to escape the sun, as the beach has a lot of shade and almost always has an umbrella to hide from the sun.

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