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japariz beach

    Praia de Japariz is well known for its restaurants,  the beach has several restaurants and all of them with good quality and service fast, normally the order is made from the boat and when the boat arrives, the meal is practically ready. Usually the place is very crowded with several schooners and taxi boats that stop there to serve their customers.

    The beach can also be accessed by trail, but it ends up being too far from Abraão to walk.

    The beach has a beautiful view, but there are a lot of boats circulating, a tip we give is when you are waiting for lunch, take a walk to the beach on the side that it's called funil beach, the beach is just 7 minutes from Japariz beach, the place is  very cozy and always very quiet, there is a strip of sand and you can walk a lot to the bottom because the beach is very shallow, it is worth knowing.

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