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Whale Beach

   The beach of Baleia, is very close to Lagoa Azul, facing the side of the Parish of Santana, the beach has its peculiarities, and a good view from both coastal area that faces the parish and the side of Lagoa Azul. The beach is very close to the furado, a strait where small boats can pass, a very nice place to snokel, but with great care due to the large flow of boats. On this coast, it is usually possible to see turtles.

    Normally, when the wind is southwest, Lagoa Azul is usually well stirred while Praia da Baleia has very clear and clean water, since when the wind is at the On the contrary, normally from the North or Northeast, the beach has a very rough sea and unfortunately it ends up with a lot of garbage from the mainland and the beach gets quite dirty.

    For those who want to dive, go to the parish side and at the very end there is a very nice slab to dive.

     To reach the beach on foot, access comes from Praia da Freguesia and takes around 15 minutes walking. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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