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Acaia Cave

    The Gruta do Acaiá, despite not being a beach, is worth being placed on our Beach list, as it is another spectacle that the island has for offer, to get to the cave, it is possible to get there by walking from the red beach, in a walk around 2 hours of walking, already by boat it is necessary to know the place to be able to stop the boat and go up along the coast, and enter in the hole in the floor, and going through the crack until you reach the hall, and inside the magic happens, the crystal clear and neon water, for those who know and are a good diver, it is possible to enter the cave and exit along the coast into the sea, on the other hand, those who want to take a risk enter from the outside to the inside, diving, the adventure is already quite dangerous, and possible only for those who know a lot about the place.

      In Abraão there are some tour itineraries that make this cave, but normally the tour is by schooner or taxi boat.   


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