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    Praia de Caxadaço is already a very hidden beach, for those who are sailing, so it is easy to find only those who already know the place.

     This beach was once used as a hiding place for pirates, as their vessels could be in a sheltered and hidden place, having privileged view of who is sailing and the navigators could not see who was on the beach.

      It is currently the first stop on the tour ofReturn to the Island. The tour stop lasts around 40 minutes, enough for a swim, or a few jumps from the rock that has the coast, which can fall straight into the sea, a very exciting jump, for those who like to jump high.

    The beach has a very short strip of sand, which can get very crowded in the summer, but for those who enjoy a dip it doesn't make much difference, as the This place is ideal for snokel practice, being able to do diving for beginners inside the cove and for the more advanced to the outside of the cove.

     Access by trail is by way of Dois Rios, and almost reaching the village, take the trail that leads to Caxadaço around 1 more hours walking.

      From Caxadaço there is a trail to Santo Antônio, which takes around 2 more hours of walking._cc -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

       Tanto a trilha que vai para o Caxadaço como a que vai do Caxadaço para Santo Antônio it is advisable to go with Local Guides e  Accreditedbecause there are some points   that the trail may be closed, in addition to the fact that the path has a lot of history to be told, and it's always good to know a little about the history of the place.

      The walk made from Abraão / Caxadaço / Santo Antônio/ Lopes Mendes and returning to Abraham is named after Path of the Pirates" a unique and unforgettable experience. 

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cf58d_ our partner Big Island Hiking.

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