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Araçatiba Cove

Araçatiba cove is very close to Lagoa Verde, one of the most visited tourist spots on Ilha Grande. 

    Araçatiba is the third most populous village on the island, after Provetá, and has 3 beaches: Araçatiba beach, Araçatibinha and Praia da waterfall.

    On Araçatiba beach there is a small market, some bars and restaurants, and some inns. It also has a regular transport, which crosses to Angra dos Reis.

    From Araçatibinha beach begins the trail to Provetá and there is only one house on the site, Cachoeira beach is a very small beach and little visited by tourists , it has only a few small inns where only the guests who are in the place stay. From the beach of Araçatiba it takes around 30 minutes to the green lagoon by walking and you can also go by kayak to the lagoon.

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