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Abraao Cove

    Abraão village currently has 7 thousand inhabitants and is the largest village on Ilha Grande, with the largest infrastructure

structure to receive its visitors, with Inns, Restaurants, Souvenir Shops, Tour Agencies, Medical Center, Pharmacy, Markets etc...

    In high season the population can double or triple the number of inhabitants.

    Abraão is usually divided into three parts by the residents:  

    The center, where the two piers are located, is the largest trade of markets, restaurants, and agencies;

    The village, which is on the left side of the beach (for those looking at the sea), so called because it was the military village at the time of the prison.

   O Canto, so called because it is the corner of the beach, it is usually the best place to enjoy the beach.

    BELA CASA ILHA GRANDE is just 5 minutes from the pier and the town centre.

On Ilha Grande it is not possible to find a bank or ATM, but in all establishments you can use credit or debit cards, but it is always good to come with a small reserve of cash.

In Abraão beach, the water is not ideal for bathing, but around there are several beautiful beaches with good water quality.

In just a few minutes of walking it is possible to be at several beaches  great for bathing, paddling, swimming, standing up, or enjoying a beach bar.

Below we will present a little of each of these beaches.

Julia's Beach

   Julia beach is very close to Abraão village, from the tourist pier, it is only 10 minutes away, and from the beach corner, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_is just 3 minutes away..

      Perfect beach for swimming, paddling or supper, on the beach there is a nice restaurant bar to enjoy the day.

     Durante a noite, o bar funciona e  fecha as 22:00 hs.

    There are usually no taxi boats due to the proximity to Abraão.


Praia da Bica

Charming beach with crystal clear waters, and as the name says, a stream of water flows there and has a fresh water spout. The beach is very small and is a minute away from Julia's beach.

This beach doesn't have any kind of bar, and it has a lot of shade, being a very cool beach, it's possible to go swimming from Julia's beach to Praia da bica.

Ideal for a swim in the sea with the family in the late afternoon after a walk.

Praia da Comprida

  Praia Comprida is a very calm beach, with clean water and a particularity not found in others around it. When entering the water, the sandbar goes for a few meters shallow and suddenly sinks from 1.5 meters, to 8 meters in the form of a precipice, good for those who want to snorkel. It is 5 minutes after Praia da Bica. To follow the next beach, you must take the trail in the middle of the beach and not at the end of it, as the others are.

Praia da Crena

    Praia da Crena is 10 minutes from Praia Comprida, and has a restaurant with good live music, but with a slightly high price. The place is great for bathing as it is shallow for a long distance. As it faces west, the beach has the best sunset in Abraão cove, there are several taxi boats that make the crossing to the village.

The beach has a good strip of sand, keeping it beach even on high tide days.

Guaxuma beach

Praia da Guaxuma is right after Praia da Crena and almost facing Abraão, there is an inn, so it has a stone wall and the beach, leaving a very small strip of sand, and when the tide rises, there is almost no beach. There are almost not many people there, being a very quiet beach to enjoy, for those who want to be in contact with nature. As it is very close to the coast that leads to Abraãozinho, there is the best spot for snokel, in the bay of Aarm.

Abraaozinho beach

  Praia do Abraãozinho, is 45 minutes from the village of Abraão, and it is common for taxi boats to make this route.

    From Praia Comprida it is 15 minutes by trail and from Crena it is 5 minutes. It is a very nice beach and good to spend the day, but on high tide days, usually full moon and new moon, it has a very short strip of sand, and this usually happens  as 14 hours. It also has two restaurants and stand up boards and kayaks for rent.

bat beach

  Praia do Morcego, is after Abraãozinho, however it is not possible to arrive by trail, because the "owners" of the beach closed the trail. The beach has a historic building, where it has the third masonry house in Brazil, where a private museum was built, with several pieces found on the island. It is possible to go by kayak or SUP to the place, but visiting this historical heritage is not allowed. The place is very quiet, worth a paddle there to enjoy this peace.

Black Beach

  The Beach It's on the left side of the cove, a beach full of history, at the entrance you can see a Litica workshop (Stone where the Sambaquis  sharpened their tools ), next to the river is the old prison, which at first was a farmhouse, and then a quarantine house before being a prison. Check it out on our stories page. The beach got its name because of its black sand, formed by materials from the surrounding rocks, interesting because it is next to Abraão beach, only it has this type of sand. 

From there, you can reach the poção and visit the Lazareto, a building built by Dom Pedro I to bring water to the farmhouse.

   The black beach is just 10 minutes from the center of Abraão.

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